February Meeting- Monday the 8th


This month we are going to a favorite spot, El Toro's on Miller Lane. As usual the start time

is going to be a very prompt 7pm.







As a reminder- to be a part of this wonderful group- you are REQUIRED to turn in your mileage. Its free and easy to do!

What's going on...

Well here we are again. It's January in Ohio and 12 degrees right now. I put on my toboggan and gloves and went to the garage. I looked at my poor bikes and sorrow filled my soul. Oh how I long for a warm summers evening. Riding along on the Bonnie listening to the exhaust note fill the air along the tree lined route.

But until then there are some things to do that can help alleviate some of this motorcycle withdraw I am suffering. Right now I am really looking forward to The Garage Brewed Moto Show. I would absolutely LOVE to get the RAT Pack together and spend an evening there. I have a thread on the Message board here. Lets discuss this and arrange a meet up there. Here are some videos about last years show. The first one is a very short promo. The second is a longer documentary. And here is their website for even more info, GarageBrewed.com



As soon as we pin down the location for our next meeting, I will announce it here, on Facebook and our Message Board.


2016 Dragon Raid


Will be held September 12-18th.


Many more details to follow!