Battle Buddy Fundraiser


I can not Thank everyone enough for all of your help. What a fantastic day we had. I put a thread on the board here: You can see pictures and a news clip from it.





August 11th Joe's RAT Pack Meeting

We had a great time at Jack Ass Flats so we are doing it again. They are also having 50 cent taco night!. See you all at 7 pm!!

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The Battle Buddy Foundation


Joe's RAT Pack is very proud to announce that we are supporting this foundation. If fact, we are doing a fundraiser July 19th. Thanks to everyone's donations we reached the $1500 that we needed for advertising! I can not tell you how proud I am of all of you!  To learn more about the Foundation go to  Below is a Cincinnati news interview also.








 Contact Webmaster/that's Rick Sine


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