Cincinnati RAT Pack

Saturday the 19th is our Monthly Ride


I was thinking about doing KY10 for this months ride but decided to go a bit more relaxed and easy pace for the first ride of the year. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable riding with each other. So let's meet at the Anderson Ferry on the Ohio side at 10am this Saturday morning. There is a UDF gas station right across the road which would be a perfect spot to fill up at. The ferry is $2 per bike. From there we will head out to Rabbit Hash and stop to regroup. We can decide on a couple different options for a return route depending on time and weather/road conditions. The weather is supposed to be cooperative for the ride.



Cincinnati RAT Pack


BritRider is hoping to evolve slightly. I talked to Casey Cooper and we feel that it is in the best interest of the Dayton and Cincinnati Triumph riders to get together here. We are close enough that sharing info on the message board will benefit both groups. I set up a section for them to post info for their rides and meetings. All the other categories, I hope everyone will use together. There are many monthly rides which we start around Cincy. There is also the Distingushed Gentleman's Ride which we participated in last year. It seemed like the right thing to do for all of us Triumph riders.


Welcome aboard Cincy!








The Battle Buddy Foundation


Joe's RAT Pack is very proud to announce that we are supporting this foundation. Early next summer we are going to have a fundraiser. The idea is to use the service road between Joe's Cycle Shop and North Dixie as a drive through donation lane. We are going to try and get the local radio stations involved by having them publicize this event. We will do a one day Saturday Fundraiser. Over the years we have talked about doing something for charity. Here is our chance. With everyones help and input we can be very successful. Once we pin down the date, we will proceed with getting things lined up. I already have a lead on an ROTC outfit that wants to help. Imagine the sight of uniformed ROTC members along North Dixie twirling their guns. The more groups our members know and contact, the better we can help our Veterans. To learn more about the Foundation go to  Below is a Cincinnati news interview also.








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